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Facilitated Sessions

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Level Five Executive focuses on your success.

We are driven by emotions. No matter how much we focus on our daily tasks, it is our ability to clearly experience our emotions propels us to success. Decades of research show how Emotional Connection impacts our work, our growth, and our life. Level Five Executive equips you with the tools you can immediately use to reach new heights in your career. These tools can help you to improve your job performance, inspire people around you and achieve your goals.


We provide teams with a proven process.

The key to creating a successful team is to leverage the power of Emotional Connection to maintain strong bonds with team members to yield extraordinary results. While practicing Emotional Connection takes effort, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Level Five Executive equips managers and leaders with the process that help teams to reach new heights. This process and practical skills address conflict resolution, stress management, core values alignment, unified focus, goal achievement, culture of safety and inclusion, trust nurture and many more important team functions.


Level Five Executive helps boards to be awesome!

Corporate boards members love governing, making companies strong and helping CEOs succeed. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the content of governance and become focused on individual tasks. Mastering essential skills in Emotional Connection will reduce stress, improve performance and increase satisfaction. Level Five Executive guides you through the process of Emotional Connection which will lead you to success and satisfaction.


It is time to feel the difference.

To improve is to act. Time is now to take the next step and to learn and practice the skills you need to create a better work environment, inspire your teams, engage your customers and to achieve your dreams. The power of Emotional Connection process is based on the power of relationships and their impact on your work and your life. Join Level Five Executive at our next certification program. You will absolutely love our programs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • Inspiration 85%
  • Clear direction 95%
  • Better focus 82%
  • Delivering results 86%


Creating a more effective and dynamic board has given me the strength, courage and comfort to be a much more effective Chairman. The result is that my Boards come together and are more incentivized, more engaged and more productive.

Paul Evan Greenwald, Esq

Past Chairman of the Board, Hospitality and Commercial

Emotional connection training is a ‘must do’ training needed by all leaders in organizations. I’ve had countless ideas, connections, successes out of my experience through the process of emotional connection.

Kerri Heath, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University

Of all the boards, committees and groups that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of serving with, our board meetings have become by far the most fun, most engaging and most productive.

Victoria Collins, Ph.D.

Board Member, Hospitality and Financial Boards

I feel that we have become a much stronger Board and team together. Our meetings have become more enjoyable and productive. I would say that we are much more focused on our mission and the vision of our organization.

Shahin Vosough

Club Manager, Center Club Orange County

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