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On a Mission to Improve 1 Million Corporate Lives

At Level Five Executive, we can help  create a cohesive corporate culture so that you can retain and attract great talent by increasing engagement and collaboration through the process of emotional connection.

We are a leading developer of the Board and Team Dynamics Process or BDP, a revolutionary, science-based model that has demonstrated it effectiveness in helping boards and team to be more productive and deliver real ROI for your training dollars.

The New Science of emotional connection is revolutionizing corporate cultures, and we have developed a map to guide you and your company through the process.

Board Consulting Services

Are you cultivating strong engagement?

Research demonstrates that improving board engagement, collaboration, and board effectiveness results in an increase in revenue. A highly interactive board enables the effective management of an intricate mix of opportunities and risks. Every interaction counts. Explore our services to determine how you can create more engaged and effective teams.

The Board/Team Dynamics Process

BDP – The Board/Team Dynamics Process

Level Five Executive has developed a roadmap to board and team effectiveness using the new science of emotional connection.  The BDP is a systematic and collaborative process based on new science addressing key emotional responses that change the negative patterns of distress. It guides board/team members into new patterns of productive interaction.

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Our mission is to improve 1 million corporate lives. Take the next step to improve your board and team – contact us today for a training consultation or book us to speak at your next leadership or business conference.

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