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Dr. Lola Gershfeld is a Board Dynamics Specialist, and an expert in the field of board and team dynamics. She is a published author and developer of Mastering Emotional Connection Certification Program that teaches leaders, boards, and teams how to be effective utilizing the process of emotional connection, a science-based model.

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How you will benefit:

  • Build a leadership impact
  • Increase proficiency
  • Learn proven techniques
  • Transform EQ competency
12 - 13 December 2018 , 9AM - 5PM  

Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1 Certification will focus on practical and accelerated training designed specifically to give participants techniques and skills in using the process of emotional connection. Over 2 days, learn how to identify ineffective patterns of interactions,  work with emotion, and lead a facilitated session to reconnect people together, becoming as the connector for your organization.

Who’s it for?

Leaders, HR professionals, in-house trainers, external consultants. The certification is issued to the person who completes the training.

In 1 day (immediately following Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1 Certification), you will learn how to conduct the program and acquire the very best practices for how to use the 3-stage process to facilitate emotional connection training.

12 - 14 December 2018 , 9AM - 5PM  

Extend your skills to the next level by taking a deeper dive into the process of emotional connection and improving proficiency with techniques and skills creating bonding moments. Eight additional hours of the curriculum of unifying people’s relationships and advancing skills in action. Attendees earn 17.5 HR recertification credits.

3 reasons to attend

  • Learning how to nurture the bonds of connection is an important task.
  • Positive emotional connections provide a dependable web of loyalty and trust.
  • The new science of emotional connection recognizes the need for connection.
08 April 2019 , 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In this presentation, you will learn the Emotional Connection (EmC) process to positively impact the board’s creativity, decisions, and long-term success. Great performance is derived from a highly dynamic board-a board that reinforces good values, nurtures the emotional connection, and creates a secure bond.


How you will benefit:

  • Build a leadership impact
  • Increase proficiency
  • Learn proven techniques
  • Transform EQ competency
19 February 2019 , 9AM - 5PM  

For Certified EmC trainers to gain more extensive knowledge and experience in identifying the negative cycles and increase the confidence in restructuring the cycle with groups, taking teams through the EmC process.

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23 January 2019 , 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Gain a clear understanding of why it is important for us to learn how to work with emotion and create an emotional connection to impact our most important role in corporate culture – our working relationships with each other. In this webinar, Dr. Gershfeld explores the underlying dynamics of leadership from evidence, attachment-based perspective, and focuses not only on helping people be more engaged, productive and collaborative, but also create a culture of nurturance, safety, and trust through the EmC process.




19 - 22 May 2019 , All Day




Emotions are amazingly powerful.

Emotion is the most powerful thing in the room. It is also the most powerful agent of change. Even in the best teams, people will get disconnected. It is how you reconnect that makes all the difference.

"EmC is the foundational training for everyone - employees, teams, boards, and leaders."

- Susan Forster, CEO of
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