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Emotional Connection (EmC) is a newly evolving structured approach for distressed workplace interactions that can quickly stop conflict and get people back into positive communications.

It uses a method based on well-researched neuroscience and attachment theory that states that we need to feel safe and connected in order to work well together.

The benefit of EmC is that everyone knows an approach to prevent and reverse destructive emotions and toxic interactions from taking over.

EmC restructures the communication pattern and leads to relationship repair. 

It is designed to transform the disconnect between people into strong working relationships and a positive work environment, a powerful tool to use in many distressed situations.

EmC is the next level of emotional intelligence. When people are emotionally connected, they are much more productive, engaged and enthusiastic about working and addressing challenges together.

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Inclusion through Emotional Connection (EmC)

August 16, 8 – 9 AM PST  Register here

Don’t underestimate the role emotions play in creating a culture of inclusion. When we connect at an emotional level we understand each other better and are more open to embrace our differences, build trusting relationships and co-create.

During this webinar we will be discussing:
• How companies can increase their gains through a culture of inclusion and connection.
• Steps to developing and sustaining an inclusive culture.
• A clear process for emotional connection that strengthens working relationships.
• A quick exercise for a practical and immediate application.

Schedule a Complimentary EmC Session

Experience the Emotional Connection process at no cost to you. You will have an individual session to introduce you to the science of emotional connection and take you through the process by addressing a situation that you are experiencing at work. The sessions are 1.5 hours and are conducted with Zoom video. Schedule your session today and learn the amazing EmC process.

It was delightful to see a process that is clearly delineated and can be used by anyone. It caused me to put myself in the other person’s shoes and really understand what was going on with them and how they felt. There are so many things I learned from this process and tools I can use immediately.

Dr. Betty Uribe

Executive Vice President, California Bank & Trust

This program teaches the HOW TO of emotional intelligence. The ROI of this training for employers is to reach higher levels of engagement and performance as employees experience a stronger connection within themselves and the organization.

Kerri Heath, Ph.D.

Past Assistant Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University

The amazing thing I learned with EmC is that no one is to blame. I now focus on reconnecting people. My job is not to fix problems, it is to
address the actual disconnect. Once I help people to reconnect, they can fix their own issues.

Jean Lee

HR Manager, DEB Construction

I feel that we have become a much stronger Board and team together. Our meetings have become more enjoyable and productive. I would say that we are much more focused on our mission and the vision of our organization.

Shahin Vosough

General Manager, Center Club Orange County

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