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BDP Implementation: 12 Week Plan

We’ve refined our process to deliver the most impact to our clients in the shortest period of time. The output of our 6, 12, or 20 week program results in an increase in engagement, performance, and loyalty among board and team members. This is a typical 12-week plan that can be tailored to your company’s needs.

Planning Phase – 1 week

We collect information and assess your organization’s board/team dynamics needs.

Introduction – 2 weeks

We conduct 2-hour workshops introducing your organization to the science of emotional connection and creating secure attachment in business.

Stage One – 3 weeks

We identify the current cycle of the board/team interaction, creating safety and start aligning members against the cycle, instead of each other.

Stage Two – 3 weeks

We explore board/team members’ emotional connection, identifying triggers and needs, changing the signals that members send to each other, creating more positive interactions of collaboration and engagement.

BDP in Action – 3 weeks

We facilitate bonding conversations where board/team members discuss unresolved issues openly and safely while maintaining the connection by staying accessible, responsive and engaged (A.R.E.).

Embedding BDP – Phase Two: ongoing

Integrating the process. We embed the board/team dynamics process to ensure that the organization reinforces safety and emotional connection as part of their company culture.

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