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BDP Stands Out

BDP goes beyond improving communication skills, behavioral change or team building. It transforms company culture through a single most powerful motivational force in our brain: emotional connection. The New Science of emotional connection has shown positive, long-lasting results in adult relationships.

BDP is based on years of scientific research and is intended to create long term effective changes. Our training programs and consulting will take your board and team to the next level and provide the tools to help your company reach and exceed your goals.

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Program Features


Accelerates team performance YES
Improves personal satisfaction YES
Maintains team focus YES
Promotes safe board/team interactions YES
Step-by-step process to achieve meaningful results YES
Addresses emotional connection YES
Develops secure bonding YES
Sustainable results over a long period YES
Minimum requirement for retraining YES
Improves board/team resistance to relapse YES
Addresses board/team cohesion YES
Creates a culture of belonging YES
Enhances and increases board/team accessibility YES
Increases board/team responsiveness YES
Reinforces board/team engagement YES
Resolves long-held disputes YES
Repairs discourse and relationship injuries YES
Strategies for regulating own emotions YES
Develops a non-blaming culture YES
Recognizes human potential YES
Recognizes and develops human potential YES
AScience-based method YES

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