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How We Compare

Check out our training program versus other team and board training programs. LFE use methods based on years of scientific research and is intended to create long term effective changes. Our training programs and consulting will take your board and team to the next level and provide the tools to reach and exceed your expectation.

Program Features

Emotionally Focused Approach

Franklin Covey

1) Action CardsXX
2) Structured “cadence” of accountabilityXX
3) Exercise book to practice trust behaviorsXX
4) Checkpoint Meetings including a scorecardXX
5) Accelerating team performanceXX
6) Behavioral approachXX
7) Improves personal satisfactionXINITIALLY
8) Maintains team focusXINITIALLY
9) Safe board/team interactionXINITIALLY
10) Step-by-step process to achieve meaningful resultsXINITIALLY
11) Addresses emotional connectionX
12) Developing secure bondingX
13) Developing emotional safetyX
14) Sustainable results over a long periodX
15) Minimum requirement for retrainingX
16) Improves board/team resistance to relapseX
17) Addresses board/team cohesionX
18) Creates a culture of belongingX
19) Enhances and increases board/team accessibilityX
20) Increases board/team responsivenessX
21) Reinforces board/team engagementX
22) Resolves long-held disputesX
23) Repairs discourse and relationship injuriesX
24) Web access to self-review to maintain proficiencyX
25) Reframe behavior in positive termsX
26) Strategies for regulating own emotionsX
27) Develop non-blaming cultureX
28) Process that recognizes human potentialX
29) Identifies reason for breakdown communicationX
30) Science-based methodX
31) Provides a clear map for reestablishing connectionX

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