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Consulting: BDP Implementation

Improving performance starts with getting board and team members work better together. Using the New Science of emotional connection, we have developed a map where board/team members increase productivity, engagement, creativity, and collaboration on any board or team through the process of emotional connection. By addressing emotion within a board or a team, members are able to be more open and responsive with each other, increasing effectiveness and engagement of their board and team. This process applies to Boards of Directors, executive teams, management, and more.

The goal is to:

  1. Further the level of Board/Team engagement
  2. Improve Board/Team productivity, and
  3. Substantially increasing performance results

The 90-day consulting option:

The Board/Team consulting  consists of taking the board/team through the Board/Team Dynamics Process (BDP). Depends on the level of connection the current board/team has, it’s usually takes 8-12 facilitated discussions where board/team members have an opportunity to address interactional challenges and repair relationship injuries.

The immediate goal is to create safety for all members involved and start identifying the pattern of interaction, helping board/team members to align against the negative cycle instead of each other. BDP consists of 3 stages and 9 steps.

By the end of Stage 1 (session 5-6), board/team members start to move into a positive interactional pattern where they start to be accessible, responsive and engaged, creating bonding moments and deepening each person’s engagement.

By session 8-12, board/team members become more consistent with the process of creating positive patterns of interaction, understanding each other’s triggers and pulling board/team members closer together, helping them step out of negative patterns and keeping the board/team in the emotional balance.

Long-lasting benefits:

  • Meetings become more productive
  • Board/Team members start to communicate, innovate, and solve challenges together in a more effective manner
  • They become more effective in their work with each other and their leaders
  • More connected, creating more synergy than possible today
  • Creating the power they need to take the company to the next level

The Power of Emotional Connection in Leadership Workshop:

Get your board and team started with The Power of Emotional Connection in Leadership Workshop. This is a two-hour workshop that is included with a consulting program that offers an overview of the science of emotional connection, covering key concepts in creating safe and secure bonds with each other for your board and team. The workshop includes a few short exercises to practice working with emotion. It is a great program to get everyone involved and started on becoming more emotionally accessible, responsive and engaged.

See How BDP Stands Out.

Download the 12 page Board/Team Dynamics Process Guide to review our methods, the science, and what the process could look like for your team.

“Through the Board/Team Dynamics Process, our communication has improved and our meetings have become more productive.” – Rebecca Pearman, President,Irwin Naturals, Manufacturing

“With BDP, our trust level has increased – we were able to create an atmosphere of genuine respect and appreciation for each other’s ideas, and as a result, we have become a more effective and progressive working group.” -Julia Rappaport, Ed.D., Board Member, Hospitality and Education

“As a result of the Board/Team Dynamics Process, we have become a much stronger and engaged team together.” – Kristi Diehl and Dr. Cindy Moreno, Chino Hills Medical Group, Healthcare

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