Improving Corporate Lives

Improving Corporate Lives 2017-06-27T05:46:48+00:00

At the end of the Board/Team Dynamic Process, we see board and team members:

  • Deal with emotions differently
  • Become more productive and collaborative with each other
  • Are much more emotionally balanced in addressing challenges together
  • Know how to call for each other and create moments of connection
  • Might flip into anger or poking or withdrawal at times, but they don’t stay there
  • Help each other out of these negative patterns
  • Can stay accessible, responsive and engaged.

– all of which lead to better collaboration, decisions and results.

Research shows that when you know how to create emotional connection with your board/team,

  • You are stronger as a person
  • You are more resilient to stress
  • You are less likely to get anxious and depressed
  • You learn faster
  • You pay more attention to the topics and are able to be more focused and engaged
  • You are just a healthier human being
  • You become a much more effective leader

BDP provides a clear map for leaders and team members to use.

▪    Encourage trust behaviors – the training teaches set skills and techniques to cultivate a culture of care, trust, and belonging.

▪     Create open dialogues – helps members to deal with challenges, forming secure bonds with each other through open communication.

▪     Inspires higher trust & collaboration – through emotional connection, members become more engaged and responsive to each other through positive change behavior

When you approach leadership with this new science of emotional connection, you have the most amazing arena for change. We see more change when we work with the whole board or a team than when we work with individual board/team members because members grow each other.

What People Are Saying about BDP

“Through the Board/Team Dynamics Process, our communication has improved and our meetings have become more productive.”– Rebecca Pearman, President, Irwin Naturals, Manufacturing
“Through the process of creating  emotional connection, our communication has drastically  improved.” – Connie Carey, Chino Hills Medical Group
“As a result of the Board/Team Dynamics Process, we have become a much stronger and engaged team together.” – Kristi Diehl and Dr. Cindy Moreno, Chino Hills Medical Group Healthcare
“With BDP, our trust level has increased – we were able to create an atmosphere of genuine respect and appreciation for each other’s ideas, and as a result, we have become a more effective and progressive working group.” -Julia Rappaport, Ed.D., Board Member, Hospitality and Education

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