Dr. Betty Uribe
So Cal Executive Vice President, California Bank & Trust

“It was delightful to see a process that is clearly delineated and can be used by anyone. It caused me to put myself in the other person’s shoes and really understand what was going on with them and how they felt. There are so many things I learned from this process and tools I can use immediately.”

Victoria Brodie
Leadership Communication Strategist
“Being able to do the EmC process in an organization is going to help fine-tune and engaged teams so that they’re really connected and engaged in what they’re doing at work. I think it’s phenomenal.”

Jean Lee
HR Manager, DEB Construction
“The amazing thing is that I learned that no one has to be blamed and I now focus on reconnecting people together. My job is not to fix problems, it is to address the actual disconnect. Once I help them to connect, they can fix their own issues. It makes you understand how things go wrong and how to get back on track. If you can emotionally connect with people, it will make your life so much easier.”

Susan Forster, M.Ed., SPHR
CEO of
“This training provides you with knowing how to work with emotions in a structured way, knowing how to proceed, and knowing how to reconnect people back. I consider this to be the foundational training.”

Rocky Bandeladze
Regional Manager, SVP, California Bank & Trust
“Since I’ve started using the Process of Emotional Connection, I have not done any reminders and the process we had a problem with is now done flawlessly…What I see is that my team got my message.”

Debbie Taranto
HR Manager, Lloyds Pest Control
“The entire experience was probably the most worthwhile three days that I’ve spent. The training helps us to remember that we are people in the work environment and we don’t leave our emotions outside.”

Elizabeth Ryan
Bank Branch Manager, California Bank & Trust
“The training gives you so much more insight that is right there in front of you and you never thought about it.”
Jonathan Silk 
Quicksmarts Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach
“It was an incredible experience. On a scale one to 10, I’d rate it a 10 and simply because of this course really filled a gap for me.
Emotional connection is what drives team bonding, it’s what makes teams cohesive, and it’s a leader’s job to create those bonds.”

Deborah Robertson, MSHR, PHR, SHRM
HR Manager, KapStone

“My experience was amazing and I would highly recommend the three-day program for anybody taking the coursework. It builds better relationships because it helps you to better understand what’s driving the attitudes and the behaviors of employees so that they can increase productivity and have better teamwork.”

Eva Hackler
VP of Business Operations, DEB Construction
“I think, as a company, it’s important to understand how to emotionally connect in order to build better people and better relationships, and a natural cohesiveness starts to blossom in an organization.”

Angelina Iyamah-Wilson,
Senior T
alent Management, American Honda Motor Company

“The piece that I loved the most about the process was that it removes the content. I began thinking about a conflict as a bad cycle that sits in between two people. And it was just really interesting how important that simple shift was for me and I’m learning it after I’ve learned MBTI, StrengthsFinder, DISC, HOGEN, where I’ve done pretty much all of the assessments and still hadn’t come to this realization.”

Dr. Kerri Heath
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University
“This workshop gives practical strategies for developing emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. We often hear that it is important for leaders to have high levels of EQ, but we don’t always learn how to develop emotional intelligence.

Rich Gomez
Board Dynamics Development
“I think the training is important to organizations because it helps people be better people because you get in touch with not only yourself but the others that you’re with.”

Shahin Vosough
General Manager, Center Club of Orange County

“The experience has been absolutely nothing short of amazing. Our Board of Governors is more engaged than they have ever been… We are all in a people’s business. This is the process that is helping us be successful in a people’s business. I can’t think of any organization that deals with people that would not benefit from this training.”




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