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Emotional Connection Research

Our board consulting work is based on the new science of emotional connection. This science is supported my many different studies and researchers in a variety of different contexts, some of which listed below.

Explore and feel free to read the one that matters to you and if you have any questions about improving board dynamics through emotional connection, please contact us.

Corporate Culture: Evidence From The Field
By John Graham, Campbell Harvey, Jillian Popadak, and Shivaram Rajgopal

The Most Empathetic Companies, 2016
By Belinda Parmar

The Neuroscience of Trust – Purchase link here
Paul J Zak

Why Rejection Hurts: A Common Neural Alarm System For Physical And Social Pain
Naomi Eisenberger

High Resolution Leadership: A Synthesis of 1,500 Assessments into How Leaders Shape the Business Landscape
By Evan Sinar, Ph.D., Matthew Paese Ph. D., Audrey Smith, Ph.D., Bruce Watt, Ph.D., Rich Wellins, Ph.D.

2016 Survey: Board of Director Evaluation and Effectiveness
David F. Larcker, Stephen Miles, Taylor Griffin, Brian Tayan

Companies Try A New Strategy: Empathy Training
By Joan Lubin, Wall Street Journal

An Attachment Perspective on Therapeutic Processes and Outcomes
Mario Mikulincer, Phillip Shaver, and Ety Berant

Attachment Orientations and Job Burnout: The Mediating Roles of Team Cohesion and Organizational Fairness
Mario Mikulincer and Sigalit Ronen

Attachment Styles and Patterns of Self-Disclosure
Mario Mikulincer and Orna Nachshon

Attachment in Adulthood: Structure, Dynamics, and Change
By Mario Mikulincer, Phillip R. Shaver

Leaders as Attachment Figures Leaders Attachment Orientations Predict Leadership-Related Mental Representations and Followers’ Performance and Mental Health
Rivka Davidovitz, Mario Mikulincer, Phillip Shaver, Ronnit Izsak, Micha Popper

Attachment Theory and Emotions in Close Relationships
Mario Mikulincer and Phillip Shaver

Attachment, Caregiving, and Volunteering Placing – Volunteerism in an Attachment-Theoretical Framework
Mario Mikulincer, Omri Gillath, Phillip Shaver, Rachel Nitzberg, A Yelet Erez, and Marinus Van Ijzendoorn

Attachment Security, Compassion and Altruism
Mario Mikulincer, Phillip Shaver

Attachment Theory and Group Processes – The Association Between Attachment Style and Group-Related Representations, Goals, Memories, and Functioning
Mario Mikulincer and Eldad Rom

Attachment Theory and Reactions to Others Needs – Evidence That Activation of the Sense of Attachment Security Promotes Emphatic Responses
Mario Mikulincer, Omri Gillath, Vered Halevy, Neta Avihou, Shelly Avidan, and Nitzan Eshkoli

Attachment Working Models and the Sense of Trust – An Exploration of Interaction Goals and Affect Regulation.
Mario Mikulincer

Adult Attachment Style and Information Processing: Individual Differences in Curiosity and Cognitive Closure
By Mario Mikulincer

Are Emotional And Instrumental Supportive Interactions Beneficial In Times Of Stress The Impact Of Attachment Style
Mario Mikulincer and Victor Florian

Understanding the Moderators of Physical and Emotional Pain
Naomi Eisenberger

Learned Helplessness, Causal Attribution, and Response to Frustration
Netta K Dor-Shav, Mario Mikulincer

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