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“It was an incredible experience. On a scale one to 10, I’d rate it a 10 and simply because this course really filled a gap for me. It was like a puzzle. I knew emotional intelligence was part of being a good leader, I knew inspiration was, but I was missing the emotional connection. That’s what I’ve learned from this course is that emotional connection is what drives team bonding, it’s what makes teams cohesive. It is a leader’s job to create those bonds. But as long as they’re maintaining those bonds and making them stronger, the team will be cohesive, and it will perform well.”

 –Jonathan Silk, MBA, Veteran, Purple Heart

“It teaches you how to communicate so much more. I was really blown away by it and I thought it was fascinating. It really is the basis for all connection and communication and everything. And if we don’t realize that we need to connect with people emotionally and understand how they react and why they react, then we can never make anything better. It just gives you so much more insight that is right there in front of you and you never thought about it.”

                                                – Elizabeth Ryan, Bank Manager at California Bank & Trust


“It’s very important for individuals, especially leaders in the company who sit in the spot of making decisios. As stewards, I believe it is our duty to connect with people and to understand that basic human need. I think as a company it’s important that we understand how to emotionally connect, in order to build better people, better relationships and there’s this natural cohesiveness that will start to blossom in an organization. That is what this course provides.”

Eva Hackler, VP of Operations, DEB Construction

“Practical strategies that you can apply today to be emotionally intelligent because people have to bring their whole self to work. They have to bring every part of themselves to work and emotions is a huge part of the human life. The bottom line is the ROI is for an employer is creativity and people being able to thrive and come up with good ideas and feel like they have a sense of belonging. If we are bringing emotions into the workplace, they will feel like they belong, and they feel like they can bring their entire self to work and that’s where they bring their best self to work.

Dr. Kerri Heath, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University


 “The most interesting thing was how the topic and the subject matter wasn’t about me doing something like applying like an assessment, it was really about me making adjustments in myself first so that I can then make adjustments with other people and it doesn’t matter who the people are or what the situation was. The piece that I loved the most was that it removes the content. I started thinking about people like I had conflict with and instead of thinking of contact, I began thinking about it as a bad cycle that sits in between two people. And it was just really interesting how important that simple shift was for me and I’m learning it after I’ve learned MBTI, Strength Finders, DISC, HOGEN, where I’ve done pretty much all of the assessments and still hadn’t come to this realization. So this was really a huge step for me.”

-Angelina Iyamah-Wilson, Talent Management, American Honda