Whether you have trust issues or disengagement, you can use the Emotional Connection (EmC) Process to leverage a culture of connection and engagement as a strategic advantage. Meet with our Certified EmC Trainer to learn how creating a safe way for people to express concerns, share opinions and reconnect with each other will improve your bottom line.

We provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you engage, focus and align everyone around a common mission while creating a culture of engagement and connection. We will assess the current patterns of interaction, train leaders on the EmC process, and introduce the EmC process to work-teams. Through EmC, we will align organizational systems to foster and strengthen the culture of engagement and connection.

When Strategic Planning is Necessary

  • When experiencing difficulties in working together.
  • When looking for ways to be more effective and productive.
  • When interested in restoring trust and improving collaboration, engagement, and performance.
  • With newly formed teams and boards or those that have been working together for a long time.


  • Master your skill by improving interaction and engagement.
  • Raise awareness of own triggers.
  • Practice and develop skills in managing emotions.
  • Prepare by learning how to handle disconnections and reconnect the team or board together.


  • Create new patterns of interaction where they start to pull each other closer, sending clear emotional signals.
  • Implement the process of reframing, reflecting and reassurance of everyone’s intentions in caring about the company and each other.
  • Understand triggers and the steps to take for creating a more positive pattern of interaction in reaching for each other in times of stress.
  • Focus on improving team or board cohesion and individual growth


To leverage EmC as a strategic advantage


Significant financial benefits with EmC


Learn About EmC

The Emotional Connection process has transformed our team productivity and increased my self-awareness which enabled me to personally grow and develop. We have become a much stronger and engaged team. It was amazing for me to see the process in action.

Kristi Diehl

Principal Partner, Chino Hills Medical Center

After learning this approach, I now see this as a foundation team training and leadership training. The benefit of training groups and leaders to use this approach is that everyone knows how to prevent and reverse destructive emotions and toxic interactions from taking over.

Susan Forster

President, PositivityWork