Negative interactions often start with one person or a group dynamic of blaming, criticizing, complaining and judging. Other people often react by defending, distancing and stonewalling. No doubt you have seen all of these at play in your team. Often, people not aware of how their reactivity triggers negative emotions in others. This is dangerous because destructive behavior can escalate into a toxic work environment. Developing strong and cohesive teams is essential for performance and engaging team culture.
Emotional Connection is a newly evolving structured approach to conflict and relationship repair. It’s is a method based on well-researched neuroscience and attachment theory. Negative interpersonal emotions are threatening and teams need to resolve relationship problems to feel safe and work well together. A Certified EmC Trainer takes the team through the EmC process individually and collectively to re-engage, reconnect, and realign everyone around a shared mission.
  • Improving team effectiveness
  • Increasing awareness and skills in emotional connection
  • Aligning team members
  • Addressing team members emotions
Who should attend:
  • Members of executive teams
  • Members of intact teams
  • Members of newly formed teams
  • Teams members that worked together for a long time
  • HR professionals
  • Staff
  • Supervisors, managers and leaders

Training Objectives:

  • Identify how the five Emotional Connection skills impact day-to-day team function, collaboration, and interaction: Emotional Awareness, Processing, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Engagement
  • Restructure your team members interaction and make a real transformation with immediate results using the process of emotional connection

Learning about and striving for better emotional connections in all of my relationships has certainly helped bring people closer and has produced more satisfying interactions and better connections in all my working relationships.

Richard Ward

Incoming Chairman, Center Club Orange County

Team engagement helped us to focus on agenda items that moved us in one direction. With the process of emotional connection, we operate with no curtains and no walls.

Paul Evan Greenwald

Past Chairman, Center Club Orange County


Connected Leadership Through The Emotional Connection (EmC) Process