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Train-the-Trainer Program

Our train-the-trainer program is designed to increase skills and techniques in using BDP, an scientific-based model in board and team effectiveness. BDP is based on the new science of emotional connection and it has been revolutionizing corporate cultures. We train board and team leaders, in-house trainers, attorneys, consultants, and executives, including CEOs who are looking for ways to improve performance, effectiveness and productivity on their board/team.

The goal is to:

  1. Further the level of understanding behind the science of emotional connection
  2. Develop and become proficient in skills used in BDP
  3. Being able to lead the board/team through the 3-stages and 9 steps of BDP


The 90-day training program option:

The program begins with a 2-day in-depth training where you learn the science behind emotional connection, the Board/Team Dynamics Process, and the skills used in each of the stages and steps. You will learn techniques that are used to identify the negative pattern of interaction, how to lead enactments and create bonding moments where board/team members start to pull each other closer.

During the training, you will learn how to:

  • View board and team distress from an attachment perspective
  • Interrupt repetitive, negative conflict cycles
  • Work with emotion in new ways to improve board and team dynamics
  • Resolve board and team impasses

Facilitated discussions. After the 2-day training, we schedule facilitated discussions where you learn more on how to lead the board/team through the BDP, creating safe interactions, bonding moments and helping board/team members to reconnect with each other.

During a facilitated discussion, your board or team will be able to experience safe, collaborative discussions where board and team members can openly express their points of view and share concerns, maintaining emotional connection by staying accessible, responsive and engaged

▪    Discuss unresolved issues and long-standing “undiscussables”

▪    Establish new behavioral standards

▪    Increased collaborative engagement   – improve board and team dynamics, performance, and satisfaction


Consultation. One-on-one or group consultations are designed to deepen your skills and techniques that are used in each step of BDP, working with emotion and leading the board/team through repairing relationship injuries.

Long-lasting benefits:

  • You will be able to create more productive boards/teams
  • Overcome board/team impasses and help members move forward
  • Shape board/team interactions so meetings become productive and effective
  • Create more synergy in to your board/team
  • Increase personal satisfaction in working with your board/team

Additional Options:

Web-based Self-Review Knowledge Bank:

Access to a Wiki-style website is provided with the Train-the-Trainer program. It is a searchable information bank on the material presented during the training, explanations of usage of the materials, and examples of exercises. The website is available to registered users only, for a period of 14 months after completion of the initial training. Unlimited usage subscriptions are also available. The Web-based Knowledge Bank is offered as part of the BDP Training package.

Refresher Course:

The Refresher course is a one-hour pre-recorded webinar. During the webinar, the core elements of the program are reviewed, key techniques are outlined, and information is summarized for easy consumption. The refresher course is available online 24/7 for 14 months after completion of the initial training. A subscription for unlimited access is also available. The Refresher Course is offered as part of the BDP Training package.

Download the 12 page Board/Team Dynamics Process Guide to learn about our methods, the science, and how BDP can benefit your team.

“Of all the boards, committees and groups that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of serving with, our board meetings have become by far the most fun, most engaging and most productive.” – Victoria Collins, Ph.D. Board Member, Hospitality and Financial

“Through the process of creating  emotional connection, our communication has drastically  improved.” – Connie Carey, Chino Hills Medical Group

“I feel that we have become a much stronger Board together. Our meetings have become more enjoyable and productive. I would say that as a result of this process, we are much more focused on our mission and the vision of our organization.” – Shahin Vosough, Center Club Orange County

“The training really connected our entire team and has led to a more synergistic energy in our office!  We continue to reinforce the training and strengthen our emotional connections with each other, our clients and our personal relationships!” – Chris Tooker, President/CEO, Trendzitions

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