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Our Purpose: Improving Corporate Lives

At LFE, we are committed to improving corporate lives – with increased emotional connection in boards and teams – the key component in improved engagement, collaboration and performance.

We want to improve corporate lives through sharing the new science of emotional connection and by elevating the awareness of the impact it has on trust, sustainable growth and development of board directors and team members. This is our purpose – and why we exist as an organization.

Looking through our organization is a strong sense of passion to share our knowledge and our skills, providing resources and deliver quality content to help a number of different stakeholders who want to improve their corporate culture, effectiveness, and sustainable growth.

We want to use our expertise and knowledge to incorporate the process of creating a more engaging board and team that pulls board directors and team members closer together to better address the challenges the businesses face today.

When board/team members are engaged, the board/team works better, the better the corporate lives will be.

Learn more about our commitment to improving corporate lives and our approach.

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Board Dynamics Development

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Courtney Wasserburger

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Robbie Rhead

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