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Our Purpose: Improving Board and Team Performance

At Level Five Executive, we improve board and team performance by increasing emotional connection – the key component in improved engagement, collaboration and productivity.

The new science of emotional connection shows that when people are securely connected, they work better, they trust each other more,  and impact the company culture in a way that creates sustainable growth and continuous development.

We have a passion to share our knowledge and our skills, providing resources and deliver quality content to companies who understand the importance of having strong relationships at the top.

We use our expertise and knowledge to incorporate the process of creating a more engaging board and team that pulls people closer together so that they can better address the challenges the businesses face today.

With our work with boards and teams, when people are more engaged, they feel more confident, they process information better, and more able to deal with threat, and the culture changes because the basis of company culture is the board and team relationships.

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Meet Our Team

 Dr. Lola Gershfeld

CEO | Board Dynamics Specialist

Phil Panzarella

Phil Panzarella

Board Dynamics Specialist

David GoldbergDavid Goldberg

Board Dynamics Development

Rich Gomez

Business Development

Jack GershfeldJack Gershfeld


Tom Arnsmeyer

Strategic Advisor

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