About Us

“Emotional connection is the most powerful motivational force in our brain.” – John Bowlby

Level Five Executive is a leading provider of emotionally focused leadership development programs utilizing the process of Emotional Connection. The process is based on years of rigorous research by prominent psychologists focusing on human interaction and engagement. The result is improved teams performance, increased leadership effectiveness and improved board engagement. Simply put, emotional connection delivers results.

The new science of Emotional Connection demonstrates that when people are securely connected, they work better together, they trust each other more and  they impact the company culture in ways that creates sustainable growth and continuous development.

Level Five Executive was opened in 2010 by Dr. Lola Gershfeld with a passion of improving corporate lives and helping leaders create great companies through the process of emotional connection. Dr. Gershfeld’s vision is to positively impact 1,000,000 corporate lives.

Be Accessible

We make the method and the process accessible for all levels, removing the barriers so that everyone on your team can start learning about emotional connection today. The process of emotional connection does not have to be complicated, so we designed the programs and services that are easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to implement.

Be Responsive

We are responsive to your needs and use our expertise to collaborate with you to help incorporate and implement the process for creating a more engaging and productive team or board that will pull people closer together in addressing challenges and reaching goals. Our programs and services are designed to inspire your team, your board, your company.

Be Engaged

In our work, we engage you in the process so that you feel confident, process the information better, and deal with changes effectively, creating stronger relationships with your team or board because the basis of company culture is the relationship. Call on us, and we’ll create an engaging path for you and your organization to reach your goals and objectives.


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