Level Five Executive is a leading provider of connected leadership training programs utilizing the Emotional Connection (EmC) Process. EmC is based on years of rigorous research by prominent psychologists focusing on human interaction and engagement.

Level Five Executive is committed to providing you with exceptional service and high-level expertise. The EmC process is transferable and used in diverse fields ranging from corporations, government agencies, non-profit, and educational organizations.

We love working with our clients and seeing how the EmC process improves interactions, culture, and performance. We strive to create safe and trusting relationships with our clients and commit to being accessible, responsive, and engaged.

Our mission is to impact 1,000,000 lives through the Emotional Connection process.

I witness you working with about 15 of my team, the management team for one of my senior Vice Presidents. And the way you took the entire team through the process was very masterfully. Everybody got the message. Everybody walked away with, oh wow. The reaction from the men and the women was equally astounding. And I know in this particular group that they are far better off and far better communicators.

This is going to spill over into their personal life too which is wonderful for me because we want balance, we want everyone to have a better life, a better communication with the people that matter most to them. And let’s face it, we spend a lot of time working together and we become like family. And then if, if this can spill over to our family when we come to work, we are so much better, we come with a better appreciation, we get to be a 100 percent at work and our productivity, goes way up.

So not only have you caused what Stephen Covey calls the speed of trust to go way up, but you have also caused the actual bottom line performance to go way up as a result. I’m definitely a champion for this program and I’m definitely champion for you, just the way you approach it, it is fantastic.

Betty Uribe

Executive Vice President, California Bank and Trust