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Board and Team Development Webinars & Videos

Learn how to apply our emotionally-focused approach, improve collaboration, and increase effectiveness on your board. Get actionable steps to improve board dynamics. If you would like more information about our methods, have an idea for a webinar, or would like us to come consult for your board, please contact us.

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The Board Dynamics Process – An Emotionally Focused Approach

Learn how to be a more effective board member and get better results from your board through emotional connection. In this course, we will dive into the new science of emotional connection and how it applies directly to board function. At the end of this course you will have a clear path to better board dynamics and understand how to get more fulfillment out of your board experience.

Throughout the lectures, we will illustrate the power of emotional connection with examples of both success and failure. We will also be covering The Board Dynamics Process, an emotionally-focused approach to board effectiveness. You will learn how to be more accessible, responsive, and engaged while also learning how to encourage your fellow board members to do the same.

Here is the first part of the webinar – to watch the whole lesson, click here.

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