It takes awareness, understanding, practice, and a clear process for change.  Hostile interactions often start with one person or group members start blaming, criticizing, complaining and judging. People then may react by defending, distancing and stonewalling. Board Members may not realize how their reactivity triggers negative emotions in others and do not recognize that destructive behavior can escalate into a toxic board environment.

The Emotional Connection (EmC) Process is a newly evolving structured approach to conflict and relationship repair. After learning and using the Emotional Connection framework, you start to see entrenched destructive communications as people struggling and crying out to connect. Board Members can increase their empathy and learn how to prevent and reverse toxic interactions from taking over and fast-track a positive and safe work environment.

When it comes to your board dynamics, interactions and core values that emphasize respect, along with a comprehensive approach, are an impactful way to integrate positive and healthy practices into your organizational dynamics and culture. Reverse stuck and toxic relationship issues and return to safety and high engagement. Build on your EQ and positive board goals with this tool and support the board to manage inevitable interpersonal negative cycles that drain productivity and the joy of working together.

With EmC, you create more productive board meetings; a clear focus and direction, and communicate with each other and management constructively; and in general, you become more engaged in the governance process. 

Board Engagement Through Emotional Connection

An introduction to the Board Dynamics Process to enhance your board development program.

Based on the scientific research, the BDP demonstrated its effectiveness by transforming the board to be more engaged, collaborative and productive.

Through the process of emotional connection, board members learn how to create connection and pull the board together in a new and effective way.

Board Chairs, Committee Chairs, Governance Chairs, Vice Chairs, Board Members, Lawyers, General Councils, CEOs, Executives.
  • Understand how emotional connection can improve board interaction within the board and between the board and the executive team.
  • Recognize the impact board members have on each other and the importance emotional connection has on transparency and results.
  • Focus on specific ways to practice and improve board engagement through emotional connection.
  • Create safe environment to foster open conversations, addressing challenging topics.
  • Expand opportunities and manage risks better.
  • Improve company credibility and stakeholders’ value.

Board Development Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1

Increase emotional connection skill levels with learning and personalized development using scientifically proven strategies. Emotions direct people’s interactions. In this session, board members learn how to understand and work with emotion, how to recognize negative patterns and help the each other to step out of them.

Mastering emotional connection will provide Board Members the skills to create safety and connection so that everyone feels more inspired, connected and at ease in working together. Emotional connection is the key component in the board-management-investor interaction.

Board Chair, Committee Chairs, Governance Chair, Vice Chair, Board Members, CEO, Executives, Legal Council, Corporate Secretary.

  • Increase board effectiveness and productivity through emotional engagement and relevant exercises.
  • Discover how to use the process to improve critical emotional connection skills and techniques.
  • Understand the business case for emotional connection, including the integral connection between EC and board performance.
  • Adopt proven techniques in practice that are specifically applicable for boards during the day-long experience.
  • Implement strategies to create a nurturing environment for growth and innovation.

Our trust level has increased – we were able to create an atmosphere of genuine respect and appreciation for each other’s ideas, and as a result, we have become a more effective and progressive working group.

Julia Rappaport, Ed.D.

Board Member, Hospitality and Education

By using the process of emotional connection, we are far ahead in our approach to working together and the way we go about interaction and engagement. Read a personalized letter.

Lou Delmonico

Vice Board Chair, Center Club


Connected Leadership Through The Emotional Connection (EmC) Process


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