Our board meeting is relaxed, fun, and productive.

The trust we’ve built by connecting with one another is so valuable in creating a team working toward common goals and growing in our relationships with each other. I’m proud that so many are engaged, empowered, and working together to build a better club.”

Richard Ward

Center Club Orange County

A masterpiece for organizations of all types.

I have had the opportunity to work with scores of school boards and management teams over the span of 49 years in education. Dr. Gershfeld’s work will dynamically improve the leadership of organizations by bringing teams at the highest level together for success. Her work is a masterpiece for organizations of all types. The blend of great research on emotional connection and its impact on team dynamics, trust, and organizational effectiveness that she has created is groundbreaking. It will change the way boards and teams deal with decisions and conflict and will, without question, accelerate their performance.

Rich Thome

Leadership Associates

Our bottom line performance has risen!

I witness you working with about 15 of my team, the management team for one of my senior Vice Presidents. And the way you took the entire team through the process was very masterful. Everybody got the message. Everybody walked away with, oh wow. The reaction from the men and the women was equally astounding. And I know in this particular group that they are far better off and far better communicators.

This is going to spill over into their personal life too which is wonderful for me because we want balance, we want everyone to have a better life, better communication with the people that matter most to them. And let’s face it, we spend a lot of time working together, and we become like family. And then if, if this can spill over to our family when we come to work, we are so much better, we come with a better appreciation, we get to be a 100 percent at work and our productivity, goes way up.

So not only have you caused what Stephen Covey calls 'the speed of trust' to go way up, but you have also caused the actual bottom line performance to go way up as a result. I’m definitely a champion for this program.

Betty Uribe

California Bank and Trust


This will resonate with so many people. Dealing with emotions has always been difficult for me and working with a Level Five Executive Coach has given me the ability to recognize and understand emotions in myself and others. It strengthened my leadership skills and helped me to address key challenges with my team instead of ignoring them and hiding behind a wall. I have done some powerful work improving my decisions, actions and relationships.

Dave G.

Health and Wellness Company

I’ve taken my company to the next level.

For many years, I struggled in my relationships with my executive team and with some of my customers, but working with Level Five Executive has transformed my experience. Learning the process enabled me to enhance my leadership skills which allowed me to strengthen my executive team, retain great talent and take my company to the next level of expansion. You don’t know what to fix until you understand the power of emotions.

Alan A.

Manufacturing Company

A foundation team and leadership training.

After learning this approach, I now see this as a foundation team training and leadership training. The benefit of training groups and leaders to use this approach is that everyone knows how to prevent and reverse destructive emotions and toxic interactions from taking over.

Susan Forster


Nothing short of amazing

The experience has been absolutely nothing short of amazing. This is the process that is helping us be successful in a people’s business. I can’t think of any organization that deals with people that would not benefit from this training.

Shahin Vosough

Center Club of Orange County

Manuel Rincon

Great presentation. Very informative and helpful. Thank you.


Manuel Rincon

Commercial Business Manager, California Bank & Trust

The course would change the world completely.

The course breaks down the science of how we get into these negative cycles and how we can break free, how we can reconnect and as a result live happier and healthier lives. Every single person should have the opportunity to take a course like this one. It would change the world completely.

Candace Pearson

A remarkable three days

I was fully engaged from the first moment to the last. The EmC process is something everyone can use to improve and impact relationships, personal and professional. It was a remarkable three days I will always use moving forward.

Christine Barone

A masterpiece for organizations

This training is a masterpiece for organizations. The blend of great research on emotional connection and its impact on team dynamics and organizational effectiveness is groundbreaking.

Richard Thome

Leadership Associates

A transformative experience

This course was one of those defining moments in my life that has helped me grow personally and professionally. From the beginning of the course, it grabbed my attention with stories and examples of how emotional disconnection can lead to negative cycles. With catchy phrases and numerous exercises along with tools and techniques, the instructor turned an analytical and logical person like me into an empathetic and emotionally attuned person. It was a transformative experience and now I'm comfortable with my emotions as well as others around me. I now know how to cope and even thrive in an environment surrounded with left-brained people.

Paul Kang, PMP, CISSP

Stronger connections at work.

Learning about and striving for better emotional connections in all of my relationships has certainly helped bring people closer and has produced more satisfying interactions and better connections in all my working relationships.

Richard Ward

Center Club Orange County

This program was so enlightening

This program was so enlightening for me. Understanding how to empower people with the language of emotion to move them from a negative state emotion to one of connection and safety is a game changer. I am excited to bring this back to my work team, relationships and family.

Victoria Brodie, MA

Leadership Communication Strategist Brodie Consulting

Learned a wealth of knowledge

I have learned a wealth of knowledge in this training class. This is transformative for my life. I feel blessed from this experience.

Jean L.ee

DEB Construction

Shahin Vosough

Our meetings have become more enjoyable and productive. I would say that we are much more focused on our mission and the vision of our organization.

Shahin Vosough

Center Club of Orange County

This was a very inspiring class.

This was a very inspiring class. Emotional connections truly are valuable. The videos were eye-opening.

Sam Robles

California Bank & Trust

Mohamed Elwakil

Had a different positive experience in this training.

Mohamed Elwakil

California Bank & Trust

Richard Rubin

I appreciated learning skills about how to connect with my people and how to better understand my own emotions and how to apply them at work.

Richard Rubin

California Bank & Trust

Victoria Collins, Ph.D.

Our board meetings have become by far the most fun, most engaging and most productive.

Victoria Collins

Center Club of Orange County

Michelle Schouten

In this training, I have learned skills that apply to all aspects of my life and seem invaluable. I have a deeper awareness of my emotions, the emotional processing, and how to react and guide my actions based on that awareness.

Michelle Schouten

California Bank & Trust

Wonderful presentation

We were all blessed with your wonderful presentation. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise.

Stephen Christensen



Thank you for the thought-provoking presentation. You could tell by the audience response that your message hit home.


Kenneth Hern


An inspiring presentation.

Dr. Gershfeld’s presentation was exactly what I was hoping for. She connected on an individual level with everyone in the room. There are many speakers that can inspire—and she did inspire—but more importantly, she presented the research on emotional connection that is understandable and actionable.

Rocky Bandzeladze

California Bank and Trust

A drastic improvement.

Learning the process of emotional connection has helped us to focus our energy on practical behaviors that have drastically improved our working relationships, our communication, and our company culture.

Connie Carey

Chino Hills Medical Group

Our entire team is connected.

The training has really connected our entire team and has led to more synergistic energy in our office. We continue to reinforce and strengthen our emotional connections with each other, our clients and our personal relationships.

Chris Tooker


Our meetings are more productive.

This will resonate with so many people. The training on the process of emotional connection has helped us to improve our communication within my executive team and our employees, and our meetings have become more productive.

Rebecca Pearman

Irwin Naturals


The Emotional Connection process has transformed our team productivity and increased my self-awareness which enabled me to personally grow and develop. We have become a much stronger and engaged team. It was amazing for me to see the process in action.

Kristi Diehl

Chino Hills Medical Center

Highly recommend the train-the-trainer training

I think, as a company, it’s important to understand how to emotionally connect in order to build better people and better relationships, and a natural cohesiveness starts to blossom in an organization. This is what this course provides.

Eva Hackler

DEB Construction

Lou Delmonico

By using the process of emotional connection, we are far ahead in our approach to working together and the way we go about interaction and engagement. 

Lou Delmonico

Center Club

Julia Rappaport, Ed.D.

Our trust level has increased – we were able to create an atmosphere of genuine respect and appreciation for each other’s ideas, and as a result, we have become a more effective and progressive working group.

Julia Rappaport

A passionate, engage speaker.

Dr. Gershfeld is an engaging speaker who teaches practical and actionable ways for people to improve their skills in emotional connection. Her passion for the subject matter engages the audience and inspires them to add this skill set to their repertoire.

Roxie Storey

Association for Corporate Growth-OC

Moving ahead with courage and enthusiasm.

It’s interesting – generally, I’m rather reserved and reticent about revealing too much personal information. But I sensed something about your manner that made it safe for me to be open and candid. Having been through some really tough circumstances, I now know how important it is to develop a support network to navigating new territory. And on that note, a fellow conference attendee actually approached me and said she was interested in serving on my board. That blew me away! So that, together with your coaching, gives me courage and enthusiasm to stride into the future and taking leading the company moving forward.


Distribution Company

No curtains and no walls.

Team engagement helped us to focus on agenda items that moved us in one direction. With the process of emotional connection, we operate with no curtains and no walls.

Paul Evan Greenwald

Center Club of Orange County