Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1 Train the Trainer


2019 2+1 Day Training Dates & Locations

  • Feb 20-22, Apr 24-26, Jun 12-14, Sep 25-27 & Dec 11-13
    Pepperdine University 18111
    Von Karman Ave
    Irvine, CA 92612

  • May 15-17
    APCO Worldwide
    1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20004


Extend your skills to the next level by taking a deeper dive into the process of emotional connection and improving proficiency with techniques and skills creating bonding moments. Eight additional hours of the curriculum of unifying people’s relationships and advancing skills in action. Attendees earn 17.25 hours of HR recertification credits.

Level 1 Train-the-Trainer program provides greater mastery, expanding your expertise and confidence.

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3 Days

June 12-14 2019, Pepperdine Univ., Irvine, CA, Sep 25-27 2019 Pepperdine Univ., Irvine, CA, Dec 11-13 2019 Pepperdine Univ., Irvine, CA, Feb 20-22 2019 Pepperdine Univ., Irvine, CA, Apr 24-26 2019 Pepperdine Univ., Irvine, CA, May 15-17 2019 APCO Worldwide, Wash., D.C.